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Best Paper Presentation During Conference

26th Annual Conference (2018)

  • 1st Prize: Shweta Bijla, ‘Dynamic Poverty Processes in Rural India and the Role of Livestock’;
  • 1st Prize: Raya Das, ‘Diversification of Livelihood and Reaching the SDG target of Zero Poverty Among the Marginal Agricultural Households’
  • 2nd Prize: Udita Chaudhary, ‘Are Small Farmers Prosperous in Haryana?’
  • 2nd Prize: Balaji S J, ‘Are Wages Paid More in Agriculture Than the Productivity? Equilibrium and Divergence in India’.

25th Annual Conference (2017)

  • 1st Prize: Subash S P., Primary Income Sources of Agricultural Household in Rural India: Deciphering Meso-Micro Paradoxes using Hierarchical Analysis.
  • 2nd Prize: Amit Kumar Basantaray, Relationship between Crop Diversification and Farm Income in Odisha — An Empirical Analysis.

24th Annual Conference (2016)

  • 1st Prize: B. Nirmala, Linking agriculture and nutrition: a ex-ante analysis of zinc bio-fortification of rice in India
  • 2nd Prize: Priyanka Upreti, Impact of regulation on sugar sector: the way forward on firms profitability and efficiency

23rd Annual Conference (2015)

  • 1st Prize: Aakanksha Melkani, who presented the paper ‘The Development-Conservation Trade-off Facing Indian Agriculture: Carbon Costs of Punjab Agriculture’, published in Vol 28, Conference Number 2015, pp. 219-228.
  • 2nd Prize: Ranjit Kumar, who presented the paper ‘Truncated Access to Institutional Agricultural Credit as a Major Constraint for Rural Transformation: Insights from Longitudinal Village Studies’, published in Vol 28, Conference Number 2015, pp. 137-150

22th Annual Conference (2014)

  • 1st Prize: P Venkatesh for the paper “Institutional changes in the delvery of agricultural inputs and services to farm households in India ”.
  • 2nd Prize: : MH Wani for the paper “Institutional Credit to Mountain Agriculture: Issues of Structural Changes and Impact in Jammu & Kashmir"

21th Annual Conference (2013)

  • 1st Prize: Ms Neha Qureshi for the paper “Truncated growth and compromised sustainability: the case of lake fisheries in Kashmir”.
  • 2nd Prize: : Ms Nithyashree for the paper “Regional pattern of agricultural growth and rural employment in India: have small farmers benefitted?

20th Annual Conference (2012)

  • 1st Prize: Dr Shalander Kumar for presentation of the paper “Institutional Innovation for Agri-technology Dissemination and Resource Management: Assessment of Country-wide Experience
  • 2nd Prize: Ms A.R. Anuja for presentation of the paper ‘Input Delivery, Processing and Marketing of Natural Rubber: The Role of Producers’ Cooperatives in Kerala’.
  • 2nd Prize: Dr. S.H. Baba for the presentation of the paper ‘Pesticide Delivery System in Apple Growing Belt of Kashmir Valley’.

19th Annual Conference (2011)

  • 1st Prize: S. H. Baba for the paper ‘Scarcity of Agricultural Labour in Cold-Arid Ladakh: Extent, Implications, Backward Bending and Coping Mechanism’.
  •  2nd Prize: Merin S. Thadathil and Vineeth Mohandas for the paper ‘Impact of MGNREGS on Labour Supply in the Agriculture Sector of Wayanad District, Kerala’.

18th Annual Conference (2010)

  • 1st Prize: M.H.Wani for the paper, “Integration of  Vegetable Production and Marketing through Value Addition for Food Security in Kashmir Valley”
  •  2nd Prize: Rajesh Kumar Sinha for the paper, “Innovative Technologies, Institutions and Policies for Successful Value Chains for Tur Farmers: A Case Study of NCDEX Spot”

17th Annual AERA Conference (2009)

  • 1st Prize:  Surabhi Mittal for the paper “Role of Mobile Phone Technology in Improving Small Farms Productivity”
  •  2nd Prize:  Jyoti Kachroo for the paper, “Technical Efficiency of Dryland and Irrigated Wheat using Stochastic Model”

16th Annual AERA Conference (2008)

  • 1st Prize:  R. S. Sidhu for the paper, “Dynamics of Institutional Agricultural Credit and Growth in Punjab” 
  •  2nd Prize:  B. Ganesh Kumar for the paper, “Domestic fish marketing in India: Changing structure, conduct performance and policies”

15th Annual AERA Conference (2007)

  • 1st Prize: M.L. Sharma, Raka Saxena, Tirthankar Mahato and Dipan Das for the paper  “Potential and Prospects of Dairy Business in Uttarakhand: A Case Study of Uttaranchal Cooperative Dairy Federation Limited (Anchal)”
  • 1st Prize: B.S. Chandel and A.K. Chauhan for the paper “Demand and Supply Framework for Dairy Business Opportunities in India”
  • 2nd Prize: V. Saravanakumar and D.K. Jain for the paper “Evolving Milk Pricing Model for Agri-business Centres: An Econometric Approach”

 14th Annual AERA Conference (2006)

  • 1st Prize: M. Anjugam, D.R. Jeganmohan, S. Padmarani, and R. Sundaresan for the paper  “A Study on Organic Farming of Sugarcane in Western Zone of Tamil Nadu”
  • 2nd Prize: Joginder Singh and R.S. Sidhu, for the paper, “Accounting the Impact of environmental Degradation in Agriculture of Punjab”
2nd Prize: V.A. Thorat, S.N. Tilekar, J.S. Dhekale and H.K. Patil, for the paper “Total Factor Productivity in Horticultural Crops in Konkan Region of Maharashtra”



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